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There are 4 main areas that the DishaNitish follow on the cloud to help their continuity of business.DishaNitish has given them priority based on consumer feedback / survey obtained.


Quantum computers can find the best solution among different weighted options more efficiently than traditional computers and may offer advantages in areas such as portfolio optimisation, risk analysis and BQP solutions

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Using quantum systems to train and run machine learning algorithms could allow us to solve complex problems faster, potentially enhancing applications such as disease diagnosis, fraud detection and efficient energy management

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Quantum Computing

There are several ways to start working with DishaNitish Quantum Experience & accelerate the application of quantum computing to solve the most difficult problems in chemistry, optimization and machine learning, whether you're a researcher, developer or just starting out.

Services Overview

DishaNitish designed to help large organizations with 1000s of servers and applications migrate their workloads to public cloud platforms in the most efficient, well-structured and seamless manner..


DishaNitish Cloud FrameWork Well-Architected Architecture was designed to help clients create stable, high-performance, scalable, and productive infrastructure for their applications. Centered on five pillars-operational excellence, safety , reliability, quality of production, and cost savings..


evaluates cloud readiness along eight dimensions (landing zone, operating model, security and compliance, migration process experience, skills and center of excellence, migration plan and business plan). Priorities and gaps identified during the assessment help define the scope for the Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP) phase.