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DishaNitish Technologies.

In Quantum startup,DishaNitish is one year old startup as Born in 2019,but foundation was kept in 2012.ss DishaNitish is the biggest innovation. We agree that change is accomplished by positive thought, positive leadership, progressive strategy and incremental action. For this purpose, we manage the brand to be highly regarded and respected worldwide by forward-thinking consumers, staff, societies, investors and the general public.

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Industry Approach

Understand what is quantum computing, and how this fundamentally new approach to computing will help your company. Identify market issues that the strategic advantages of quantum computing will bring. Quantify potential value when the DishaNitish Quantum systems and technologies are applied.Create forward thinking roadmaps, including strategic next steps and actionable

High Benefits

The transmon qubit is at the very heart of DishaNitish quantum systems.The ability of superconducting transmon qubits has been demonstrated by successive generations of DishaNitish Quantum processors as the basis for electrically operated solid-state quantum computers. With a modular approach to chip design, and error correction and mitigation study.

Why DishaNitish Quantum Consultanting

Quantum computers through the cloud will work with classical computers for the near future to make the next advances in computing advancement, propelling new opportunities through industries. DishaNitish Quantum Consulting brings consultants, scientists and industry experts together to help you understand how quantum computing can fit into your business strategy and future development.

DishaNitish Quantum Skills

Hands-on Practical & Theoretical Approach.

We have included the following features: Analyses and comparisons of the main properties of quantum approach channels; More than 260 figures and graphs with well-designed and clear interpretations; More than 700 equations; all of our mathematical derivations are based on clear physical images that make even the most involved results comprehensible and clear. Moreover, the mathematical formalism is kept to the minimum needed to understand the key results. Innovative methods of presentation: Like geometrical representations of quantum channels and methods that facilitate the perception of complex problems.

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