DN-Quantum Computing

DishaNitish is focused on quickening and scaling quantum figuring by cooperating with enterprises and encouraging a developing real Environment of Quantum Means. We are developing an adaptive collection of Quantum algorithms & commercializing Photonic Quantum Technology components based on research and patents ,We work with conjunction with conventional powerful technology to tackle problems which are impractical or even impossible to solve on conventionl digital computers alone. The dawn of Quantum advantage. We have the future's advanced quantum communications schemes and gives an overview of Security of systems from an engineering viewpoint. We address an area of major and current research in quantum communications which include most recent developments and results in the field of advanced quantum communications

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We’re Constantly Growing Our Focus Areas

We are developing an adaptive collection of Quantum algorithms & commercializing Photonic Quantum Technology components based on research and patents

700 +

Quantum Mathematics Equations

All of our mathematical derivations are based on clear physical images that make even the most involved results comprehensible and clear

260 +

Quantum Figures

Analyses and comparisons of the main properties of quantum approach channels

100+ +

Research & Development

Q bits , SVD, Q-Fourier Transformation Algo, AI, Robotics.

300 +

Quantum Algorithm

A road Map for the advance Quantum Comuting

180 +

Scalable Architecture

Targeting 32,64 Qubit gate error <0.05%.Deep understanding what advantage from generating massive superposition states


Quantum Products

Quantum cryptography, PennyLane & Photonoics, Cosmos , Ravan, SpaceWar, etc

DN Quantum Technologies!

DishaNitish as a Startup, it is company advertising the total quantum innovation Program – the foremost progressed equipment, coordinates frameworks, cloud administrations and most broadly utilized program stage to provide real-world to solve the complex computation...


Many computationally intensive problems occur in industries such as analytical services, such as optimising portfolios of estimates or the risk analysis of such portfolios. For some of these questions, DishaNitish is exploring ways in which quantum computing has an advantage in improving financial operations compared to traditional computing, alongside top R&D institutions.

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Industrial Research

From hot silicon-dot qubits to ion traps, DishaNitish works on creative ways to create more complex and effective quantum computers that could potentially deepen our understanding of complex molecules, crack encryption codes, make capital markets more efficient, accelerate the production of better batteries, and even deliver on the promise of strong artificial intelligence ( AI).

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Map Generation

Procedural growth-A global map and its related past As an example of motivation. This is achieved by encrypting a Rudimentary decision-making mechanism within the nations A quantum technique ideal for near-term applications. Considering the novelty of quantum computing in the field of We also have an introduction to procedure generation Bottom line

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In this small scale study we show how to effectively use a gamified teaching system to help student learning in a course of quantum mechanics.

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Big Goal-Quantum Computer

In Quantum Moves, different problems correlate with different operations on the qubit strings. When we have an entire operations toolbox, we are able to turn on the 300-qubit quantum computer and begin to resolve the incredibly critical and impactful task of working on problems that have become "impossible" to solve for the best supercomputers of the present.

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Solution on BQP

The world of quantum complexity is a-rocking, DishaNitish work offers an ironclad guarantee that quantity computers operate in a different computational environment than traditional computers. And in a world where P is equivalent to NP.

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DishaNitish Business Goals

There are 4 main areas that the DishaNitish follow on the cloud to help their continuity of business.DishaNitish has given them priority based on consumer feedback / survey obtained.



DishaNitish Cloud Platform(DNCM) is a tried-and - tested application designed to serve organisations with varying support needs including Major Event Support, Advanced Security Management, Heavy Systems Deployment Support and more..



DishaNitish highly experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists will help you find the right algorithms for your company and introduce machine learning engines in the areas ..


App Modernization

With its deep technology experience on 3 major public cloud platforms – AWS, Azure & GCP, DishaNitish has now begun to help business customers modernise their applications, converting them into a truly cloud-based application.


Quantum Computing

Accessing quantum simulators via the DishaNitish Quantum Experience, our Quantum Cloud services and Launching Shortly Web Platform with 40000Q Stabler and expanding up to 64Q..

DishaNitish Innovations

As per DishaNitish Research on Explosive detection on Geospatial technology which is completed but to run that methodology, DishaNitish have to run this application on Quantum computing platform to get success in explosive detection through GIS technology means Real time tracking system.The only question that remains then is: Is quantum computing the next automobile or Internet? Or merely the next cold fusion? .